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Yes! The platform is active (beta version), where a merchant can post their specials, and potential nearby customers can find and redeem the specials by scanning the store’s QR code poster. Customers can also search your specials on www.orrku.com.

There are many factors. But the main factors can be how many specials you are promoting and how attractive are your specials. Whom do you think customers will prefer if you offer 1-2 deals versus your competitor who offers 5 terrific deals and gives excellent customer service? Invest in your customers by providing fantastic options to choose from that will keep them coming back for more. You have nothing to lose as you keep 100% of the sales revenue.

You can, indeed, upgrade. However, instead of a 6-month free trial, you will receive a 4-month free trial of the Value plan because you used up your 2-month trial offer on the Basic plan.

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